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We use cinema tools to produce films and multimedia contents for movies, advertising, exhibits or publishing industry. We work very close with agencies, architects, developers and designers.

Press Coverage

We generate creative and tailored solution with our large team of film-makers, directors, 3d artists, musicians, photographers, graphic designers and producers.

Like the visions engraved by Gian Battista Piranesi that have deeply rebuilt the lexicon and the imaginary of entire generations of artists and architects, our experience’s aim is to offer new instruments to recount architecture, design and cities. In the smart cities age, The Piranesi Experience is intended as a platform able to develop cross-media contents to break the boundaries between branches and create a fertile atmosphere for designer, urban planner, architects and groundbreakers.

Among others, we have worked for and with:


Official Showreel

Baikonur, Earth

Far from the rest of the world, just one step away from the Universe.

Baikonur, home to the old Soviet Space Program, is still the place where astronauts begin their journey to the International Space Station. Andrea Sorini’s remarkable documentary, all of whose images are spectacular in their formal rigour and compositional beauty, depicts the region's ruins and its exotic strangeness (cows inhabit a colourful modernist bus stop, camels roam the streets), as well as the ongoing use of the space centre and the launch of a manned rocket heading to the ISS. More info at

Director: Andrea Sorini; Country of Origin: Italy; Year: 2018; Running Time: 74 mins; Format: DCP; Language: English, Russian, Kazakh; Production Companies: Lumen Films (, The Piranesi Experience ( and Rai Cinema ( in partnership with Il Saggiatore ( World premiere at Vancouver International Film Festival 2018. Italy 2018 - 74'

Voler Essere Felice Ad Ogni Costo

A romance-comedy shortfilm by Michele Bertini Malgarini

Two young people, love and a wild and wonderful island populated only by deaf people. Paolo is a musician and he is totally in love with Claudia, a girl he has never actually met but with whom he texts a lot. In order to meet her, he will leave for the island where she lives and he will stand up for her and their love.

Director: Michele Bertini Malgarini; Country of Origin: Italy; Year: 2019; Running Time: 15 mins; Format: DCP; Language: Italian, Sign Language; Production Company: The Piranesi Experience ( w/ support of Apulia Film Commission, Happy Casa Store Srl, Mibact - Direzione Generale Cinema, Ente Nazionale Sordi. Italy 2019 - 15'

Il Monte Galala. Sokhna

a film by Ernesta Caviola

Galala. A film by Ernesta Caviola for 5+1AA and Tatweer Misr. Tatweer Misr has found inspiration in the sky lit mountains of Portofino in Italy and how architectural sophistication and natural simplicity blend together in perfect harmony. It has carefully listened to the whispering of crashing waves, allowing the glistening of constellations to guide its vision all the way to the breathtaking cliffs of the Red Sea to transform IL Monte Galala into a waking Italian dream.

mentioned project: Masterplan il Monte Galala, 5+1AA Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo; project location: El Sokhna, Egypt; director: Ernesta Caviola; producer: Claudio Esposito; original soundtrack: Enzo Pietropaoli; VFX supervisor: Marco Tripodi; line Producer: Fabio Paolucci; DOP: Ernesta Caviola; first assistant DOP: Barbara Rossi; VFX team: Gabriele Chiapponi, Riccardo Ciavarro, Luca Valentini, Ginevra Bellegrandi; operator: Luca Gennari, Alessandro Maiorano; sound design: Alessandro Quaglio; color grading: Grande Mela. With Susanna Della Sala. Italy 2015 - 4'39''

Art For Change

An original series by Claudio Esposito

Set in Madrid, Bari, Rome and Palermo, Art For Change is a series focused on stories which are geographically distant from each other, but closely connected through the artistic research developed into ‘ghettoized’ communities which find into art a place where reflect on their own future. A series about common people, dreamers and artists that are trying to change their places with tiny but extraordinary revolutions.

A co-production by The Piranesi Experience, Lumen Films, Potenza Producciones; directed by Claudio Esposito; produced by Andrea Gori, Claudio Esposito and Carlo D'Ursi; DOP Fabio Paolucci; script by Daniela De Francesco; Soundtrack Lucia Paradiso and Agostino Maiorano; sound mix by Paolo Ballarini; animation by; creative partner PUSH. Italy/Spain 2019 100'

520 West 28th, New York City

Steel Structure, Façades, More

Our film was released on the official Zaha Hadid Architects channel. Enjoy 520 W 28th Street in this film for Stahlbau PICHLER which describes the powerful urban dynamic between the streets of New York and The High Line, a layered civic realm that has developed over generations and in many iterations.

A film by The Piranesi Experience for Stahlbau Pichler Gmbh, Directed by Claudio Esposito, Director of Photography Fabio Paolucci, Colorist Paolo Verrucci, Post Production by Margutta Digital International, Original Soundtrack by Andrea Mangia, Script by Daniela De Francesco, Italy/Usa 2018 – 1,00’

A villa like a tent

designed by 5+1AA for Tatweer Misr

We realized this video being inspired by this piece of art born by the sketches of Gianluca Peluffo (5+1AA Gianluca Peluffo Alfonso Femia) for Tatweer Misr. The architect has found inspiration in the sky lit mountains of Portofino in Italy and how architectural sophistication and natural simplicity blend together in perfect harmony. It has carefully listened to the whispering of crashing waves, allowing the glistening of constellations to guide its vision all the way to the breathtaking cliffs of the Red Sea to transform IL Monte Galala into a waking Italian dream.

A project by 5+1AA Gianluca Peluffo Alfonso Femia (Design); Claudio Esposito (Coordinator); Marco Tripodi (VFX Supervisor); Alessio Seminerio, Ginevra Bellegrandi, Carlo Occhipinti (3d team); Giulia Tubelli (Design Supervisor); Daniela De Francesco (Furniture Consultant); Apparat (Soundtrack, courtesy of); Thanks to: Gianluca Peluffo, Ernesta Caviola, Luca della Grotta, Marco Bersani, Rodolfo Migliari, Ulisse, Aida Kabil, Sherif El Nasr. Italy 2016 – 2,35’

Senza Orfeo

A film by Ernesta Caviola

Senza Orfeo is an experimental film about contemporary architecture. A short film about the magic of a modern building in Milan directed by Ernesta Caviola, an award-winning italian photographer with the original soundtrack by Popolous.The new IULM University Knowledge Center is designed by 5+1AA Gianluca Peluffo Alfonso Femia. An outskirt becoming almost centre. A building which is not accidentally located inside a lot, as the modernity in everything, but that constitutes full and empty spaces in the same way. A mimetic building in respect to the surrounding area. Bricks, exposed concrete, glass, plaster. In the inside part an explosion of emerald green ceramics. As a traffic light in the fog.

A project by 5+1AA Alfondo Femia Gianluca Peluffo and IULM University; Producer Claudio Esposito; Dop Fabio Paolucci; Editing by Alessio Franco; Original Soundtrack Populous (Andrea Mangia); Color Emanuele Pasquet. With Giusy Lo Schiavo, Francesco Loschiavo and Carlo Occhipinti. Italy 2015 – 12,00’’

Lina Bo Bardi at MAXXI

A multimedia exhibition

A “small” exhibition dedicated to a “great figure,” Lina Bo Bardi, a pioneer of Italian architecture, on the occasion of the centennial of the architect’s birth. This exhibition retraces the history of Lina Bo, in the form of a reverse chronology: from 1946, the year she left for South America with her husband Pietro Maria Bardi, back to her graduation in Rome in 1939. It tells the story of her intense and tormented years in Milan, prior to her departure for Brazil, a nation she adopted as her home and where she finally found personal and professional satisfaction. The Piranesi Experience has developed a multimedia path into the exhibition, producing 3 shortmovies directed by Ernesta Caviola and inspired by the film under development ‘Lina. Architecture at Tiffany’.

Main Credits: Lina Bo Bardi in Italia. “Tutto quello che volevo, era avere Storia”; Curator: Margherita Guccione; Scientific consultancy: Sarah Catalano, Ernesta Caviola; General coordination: Carla Zhara Buda; Research: Elena Tinacci with Marco Diana, Francesco Maggiore; Production: MAXXI Architettura with Domus, Instituto Lina Bo e P.M. Bardi, Fondazione Portaluppi; Technical sponsors: Arper S.p.A., The Piranesi Experience; Exhibition design: Silvia La Pergola; Graphic design: Etaoin Shrdlu, Stefano Cremisini, Edda Bracchi; Venue: MAXXI Architettura-Centro Archivi, Rome. Maxxi Museum, Rome- Italy. From December 2014 to May 2015.

Costal Towers of Apulia

A multimedia and itinerant exhibition

We worked in partnership with Apulia Government, Italian Ministy of Culture (Segretariato Regionale MiBact) and under the patronage of The Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The Piranesi Experience has developed a multimedia path into the exhibition, producing a cartoon directed by Ernesta Caviola and written by Barbara Iannarilli: Once Upon a Time: Sirens, Towers and Corsair. The exhibition together with its catalogue was produced by Mario Adda Editore, Bari.

‘Itinerari Turistici Tra le Torri Costiere di Puglia’ exhibition’s curators: Donatella Campanile, Claudio Esposito; Exhibition design: Daniela De Francesco; Multimedia: The Piranesi Experience; Producer: Fabio Paolucci; Web contents: Salvatore Di Dio, Domenico Schillaci (NEU soc. coop.); Graphic Design by Jonny Egon; Photos by Barbara Rossi; catalogue by Mario Adda Editore.
‘Once Upon a Time: Sirens, Towers and Corsair’. A film by Ernesta Caviola, Script by Barbara Iannarilli; Edited by Alessio Franco; Original soundtrack: Agostino Maiurano; Animations by Luce Bonifetto.

KAI Sokhna

Designed by Alchemy Design Studio for Misr Italia Properties

Kai Sokhna, a unique, elegant & exotic boutique resort, developed exclusively by Misr Italia Properties with modern architectural designs on the Red Sea shores. A video by The Piranesi Experience for Misr Italia Properties with Ugo Piva and Valentina Reggio.

Creative coordinator Claudio Esposito, Director Michele Bertini Malgarini, DoP Fabio Paolucci, Art Director Daniela De Francesco, Music Mickey Blue, VFX Supervisor Marco Tripodi, Color Correction Paolo Verrucci, 3d Team Alessio Seminerio and Giancarlo Pagano, Storyboard Artist Pietro Satiro.

Ian+'s Busan Opera House

Animations for competition showcase

This video shows some of the 2D animations which were commissioned by Ian+, a Rome-based architectural firm, to present their work at the 2012 International Competition for the Busan Opera House in South Korea. As the architects say the project idea is to have a building inside a building: a compact core that houses the theatre and an external diluted perimeter structural envelope with all other complementary functions such as commercial spaces, exhibitions, restaurants, workshops, playgrounds; all spread throughout the free section which defines the vertical square. Behind the enwrapping structure, the core is finished with a reflecting material. The architecture loses its stability, its firmitas; the city and the landscape disperse and resolve on the core surface. The fundamental character for the Busan Opera House is that it no longer contains a strict time or space value which has been assigned by the architect, but it rather becomes a flexible system that varies, according to the changing needs of citizen in the course of time. In this sense the building is adaptive, living.

Architects: IaN+; Location: Busan, South Korea; Urban Concept and Architecture: IaN+ Carmelo Baglivo, Luca Galofaro, and Stefania Manna; IaN+ Design Team: Gianluca Fontana, Giulia Giusti, Giuliana Sibilia, Giuseppe Zaccaria; Assistants: Valeriano Boragina, Alessandro Piccirillo, Gaetano De Francesco, Maria Cristina Vessia; Domestic Architectural Firm: IARC; Landscape: PROAP – Estudos e Projectos de Arquitectura Paisagista; Acoustic and Sound, M&P, and Sustainability: Ramboll UK; Structure and Façade Tecnology: Ramboll Italy; Theatre Consultant: Carr & Anger; Lighting Design: DHA Design; Client: Busan Metropolitan City; Type: Opera House; Status: International competition; Total Floor Area: 48,000m2



The "Deep into the Surface" short-film, directed by Claudio Esposito and produced by The Piranesi Experience in collaboration with The Architecture Player, investigates the abstract and conceptual dimension that architect Giovanni Vaccarini imparted to the façade system that characterizes the building of the SPG Headquarters in Geneva. A game made of simple rules, whose reiteration produces a complex play of elements to the point that its perception varies with weather and lights. The photography by Fabio Paolucci and the original soundtrack by Populous underline the exploration of these qualities and let the spectator perceive the depth of the surface and its apparent movement.

Production: The Piranesi Experience, Architect: Giovanni Vaccarini Architects, Mentioned Project: SPG Société Privée De Gérance Headquarters (2010-2016); Project location: Geneve, Switzerland; Director: Claudio Esposito; With: Matteo Garrone; Original soundtrack: Popolus; Camera: Fabio Paolucci; Colorist: Paolo Verrucci; Editing Assistant: Daniela De Francesco; Italy 2016 - Duration: 3'44''

Architectural Mapping for JAC

JAC Italy Design Center anniversary

Our strong collaboration with JAC Italy design Center has bring us through the production of different multimedia products. We realized for JAC an architectural mapping installation for their birthday anniversary. JAC Italy Design Center is situated in Torino, Italy, the world capital of car design. It was founded in June 2005, starting off as a small team of international designers. Now there are about 100 experienced designers, modelers and engineers, working in a 5000m2 R&D center. They come from the nine biggest automotive markets, with experience from world-leading OEMs, and are full of passion for styling & engineering.

Produced by: Jac Italy Design Center, General manager: Lou Tik; Production coordinator: Claudio Esposito; Mapping technical partner: DiceArt; mapping supervisor: Nicola Di Meo; technical supervisor: Omar Eox;

Valentino Mirabilia Tour

Teaser for Art Basel Miami

Creative Directors renew and exalt their bond with Rome presenting today, during Art Basel Miami, ‘From Memory to Creativity’, a performance that celebrates the patient artisan work and shows for the first time a “behind-the-scenes“ glimpse of the Valentino Atelier faithfully recreated through the work of artist Pietro Ruffo. The Miami performance is the first act of Mirabilia Road, an extraordinary project that which will be inaugurated in May 2016 and will guide visitors in unexpected and uncommon locations in Rome.

directed by Michele Bertini Malgarini, Executive Production IF Film, Technical Partner The Piranesi Experience, DoP Fabio Paolucci, Editing Ugo Piva. Italy 2015 – 1,00’’

Urban Mirror


A circular space that embraces city vibe. The video introduces a movable structure that continues to exist in different places: a travelling car pavilion, designed as a cylindric structure enclosed by recycled rubber cords and semi-transparent pvc awnings that can be converted into an interactive twitter-wall by a rear projection system. The pavilion partners with eco-friendly corporates (like electric cars producers) as it aims to bridge people’s desires and their understanding of urban problems. By mixing new and old ways of meeting (cyber space vs. physical space), the project invites everyone and anyone to take part in discussing, debating, and awakening each other of all sorts of social issues and causes. In the end, the pavilion will satisfy the city and its residents as both virtual and real space reuniting everyone together.

Directed and VFX by Claudio Esposito; A project by Laif Architects | Gianluca Fontana, Giulia Giusti, Giuliana Sibilla; Soundtrack by Umin - Voulo by Bad Panda Records is licensed under a CC License; Synopsis by Lucia Bosso



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